Certified Pre-Owned Endoscopes

Inspected, Serviced, Prime Focus Certified

Prime Focus offers a certified solution to help your budgetary constraints. With a large inventory of available refurbished flexible and rigid endoscopes, we are here to help. We offer certified pre-owned endoscopes, video processors, light sources, and other refurbished endoscopy equipment at deep discounts to what manufacturers charge for new versions.

All endoscopes and equipment are thoroughly inspected by our technicians to ensure the highest level of performance, and backed by a 12-month warranty, for your peace of mind. We regularly stock flexible and rigid endoscopes and offer financing solutions to ease cash flow requirements for your facility.

Save up to 50% on our selection of certified pre-owned endoscopes

Enhance Your Budget

equipped endoscope suite
Prime Focus also offers a buy-back program for your endoscopes which are:
  • Out of service
  • Obsolete
  • Unused

  • And No matter their condition…

We are actively looking for flexible endoscopes of the following brands: Olympus®, Pentax®, Fujinon®, Storz®

Service & Total Support

All our certified pre-owned endoscopes undergo a thorough (36 point) evaluation to ensure they meet each of our stringent criteria. Nothing leaves our lab until we are 100% satisfied with the results. As an established and full-service endoscope repair company, you can count on us for your maintenance needs along the way.


Prime Focus is equipped with experienced staff to offer training on endoscope handling to your staff, at your facility. This ensures you have all the right tools available to succeed in your environment.


In order to reduce cash flow constraints, Prime Focus offers a variety of financing tools to customers. Spread your payments out to avoid up-front sums of cash.

A One-Stop Shop for your endoscope needs

Prime Focus can handle the sale and full servicing of your endoscopes. Avoid having do go back to the manufacturer and trade them in with us when you want an upgrade!

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