Exclusively dedicated to the medical field since 2002

At Prime Focus Endoscopy we are specialists in the endoscopy field, offering key products and services to hospitals and clinics across Canada, and internationally. Dedicated to the medical field since our foundation in 2002, our objective is to both reduce costs and improve operational workflow in healthcare settings.

Supported by its thorough procedures, Prime Focus offers reliable, expert service you can count on. All of our products and services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and customer service is our number one priority.

Prime Focus Introduces SYSEO™ to Canada

Prime Focus Endoscopy is proud to announce an exclusive partnership in Canada with Yansys Medical. This alliance now allows us to offer healthcare facilities direct access to the innovative SYSEO ™ line of software solutions. Prime Focus Endoscopy is pleased to provide current and future customers with complete and tailor-made solutions for capturing endoscopic videos and images. In order to save physicians time, SYSEO ™ also allows the creation of medical reports via the most recent generation of voice recognition. Prime Focus Endoscopy is delighted to participate in the Canadian deployment of these high-demand innovative solutions, which represent the future of endoscopy.

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Feel the difference

Discover our exclusive ULTRA‐Flex™ technology, offering a smooth and superior angulation system through control knob manipulation during colonoscopy procedures. Our improved technology comes with no additional cost on all repairs of colonoscopes requiring a replacement of the bending section.

A Reliable Partner for Healthcare Facilities Across Canada.

As a Canadian endoscopy specialist for over 18 years, Prime Focus’ standout track record, coupled with its exceptional customer service are what form its uniqueness in the market. As a leading third-party endoscope repair provider, Prime Focus offers full maintenance and repairs services on all major brands of flexible and rigid endoscopes. Whether it be for endoscope repairs or any of our other products/services, partnering with Prime Focus will provide you with quality service you can count on.

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