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Prime Focus

Prime Focus Endoscopy (Prime Focus) was founded in 2002 due to an increasing demand for better prices and improved services in the flexible endoscope repair field.

With a dedication to service, and an objective of becoming best-in-class, Prime Focus gradually developed into a “full-service repair company”. This, while continuously holding itself to the highest standards of performance, to better serve Canadian healthcare facilities.

In 2015, Prime Focus Endoscopy merged with sister company Nutramerica (an established foodservice distributor for Canadian hospitals and long-term care facilities) to form CDR Global Solutions inc. Prime Focus remains a key division for CDR Global Solutions, representing roughly 75% of the corporation’s annual revenues.

At Prime Focus, our customer-centric culture is made possible by our dedicated people. Backed by thorough and effective procedures, we focus on delivering value via custom solutions instead of a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We understand everyone’s needs are different, and we are here to help. Our resources have been put together to ensure our customers and stakeholders remain partnered with a dynamic, reliable, and top-performing company. We understand the true meaning of customer service and we hold ourselves to a high standard of achievement in this area.

Although flexible endoscope repairs remain the core business of Prime Focus, the market is continuously evolving and growing demands for additional services have arisen over time. As a result, we have adapted by expanding our endoscopy portfolio to include our own line of stainless-steel storage cabinets, surgical imaging software, and various consumables for endoscopes and surgical instruments. We have also added other repair services touching the OR and Medical Imaging departments such as repairs of ultrasound probes and surgical power tools.

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