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Enzymatic Pre-Soak and Cleaning Solutions


Enzymed™ is a leading natural and non-toxic enzymatic cleaner for endoscopes, fiber-optic and surgical instruments. The Enzymed™ line of enzyme-based cleaners is made in Alberta, Canada by Valuemed Professional Products. As the exclusive distributor for Enzymed™ in Eastern Canada (Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic Canada), Prime Focus Endoscopy is proud to provide an enzymatic cleaner that is effective, green, and budget friendly. Our multi-enzyme formulation is bacteria free and was carefully crafted to effectively remove protein and organic matter from your medical devices. Benefit from cleaning your endoscopes and surgical instruments in a safe and healthy work environment with Enzymed™.

No More Adverse Reactions – Discover a Truly Green Solution That Works, in Enzymed™

Made in Canada

High Quality Enzymatic Cleaner

Safety First

Clean your endoscopes and surgical instruments with peace of mind.

The Enzymed™ line of enzymatic cleaners is your answer for an effective cleaner designed to eliminate any harmful effects for its users.

Enzymatic solution medical cleaning solution

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