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About Us

Our History

Prime Focus Endoscopy (Prime Focus) was founded in May of 2002 as a result of an increasing demand for better prices and improved services in the area of Flexible Endoscope Repairs.

With a dedication to service and keeping focus in becoming best in class in this industry, Prime Focus gradually developed a “Full Service Repair Company”, with the highest standards of performance to better serve Canadian Hospitals.

Our Philosophy

Prime Focus's culture is driven by dedicated people. It is pillared by solid procedures and supported by effective systems. These resources have been put together to ensure our customers, suppliers and other business partners are and remain partnered with a dynamic, reliable and top-performing company. We understand the true meaning of customer service and value added services and we hold ourselves to a high standard of achievement.

What We Do

Although the flexible endoscope repair segment remains the core of Prime Focus' operations, the market is continuously evolving and growing demands for additional services have arisen. As a result, our company has adapted to these changes by adding additional offerings for OR departments such as: Rigid Endoscope, Power Instrument and Surgical Instrument repairs. We are working closely with the very best service suppliers in each category to ensure our customers' expectations are met and even surpassed.

Furthermore, we added a series of related products to our endoscopy clientele. These products include Prime Focus’ own Stainless Steel Endoscope Storage Cabinets, Enzymatic Cleaning Solutions for endoscopes and instruments made by Valuemed, Replacement Filters for AER’s (Automated Endoscope Reprocessors) made by Clinical Choice™ and an array of Medical Imaging product brands from all major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s).

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